L5R: Intrigue at Kyuden Suzume

Prologue: Chuda Jin and Daigotsu Gozu

Character introduction

Chuda Jin and Daigotsu Gozu stood in the bowels of Kyuden Suzume, supervising the eta and lesser samurai as they hauled crates of weapons, armor, rations and jade into the tunnels deep within the earth, far away from the prying eyes of the world above. The tunnels were cool and there was little light as many of the tainted workers could see very well in the dark. The process was moving along without a hitch, which meant that the work was exceedingly dull for the two supervisors.


Jin simply supervises the peasants in calm silence, taking careful note of the stocks as they go by. He nods to himself while trying to inch away slightly from the crates of jade as they pass.


Jin although I am proud to help our great Clan in any way our beloved leader sees fit, I can’t help but believe that my time in these tunnels is but a waste of my talents. I can’t imagine what glory can come of this. I yearn to return to the battlefield and the search for my father’s assassin.


((OOC note: He’s gonna refer to Gozu as “Daigotsu-san” since Rokugani normally refer to equals as [family name]-san. Daigotsu himself would be “Daigotsu-dono.” Of course, since Spiders aren’t really that honorable I’ll be perfectly fine if Gozu calls him by first name.))

The shugenja looks up from his notes at his companion’s comment.

“Ahh but this is a most vital duty for the clan, Daigotsu-san. Our Lord requires these supplies moved to a safe hideaway, for the Spider are not exactly guests here at Kyuden Suzume.”

He pauses to record the next few crates.

“Besides, I’ve got a strong feeling that your…skills will be seeing use soon enough.”

Jin idly adjusts his jingasa as he goes on with the absolutely exciting work of documenting supplies.


“Yes, I’m sure you are right as usual. I will bide my time here until such time as Daigotsu-dono sees fit to utilize me elsewhere. I simply grow weary of this tedious work.”

The bushi pauses to reprimand a worker for dropping a crate and breaking it against the tunnel floor. The workers bows and apologizes profusely amidst threats to his safety should such an incompetence occur a second time.


Upon noticing the commotion, the shugenja motions for silence and approaches the offending worker while drawing his knife.

“Hold him down. We shall show how the Spider deal with slackers.”


Yes, and he shall get what he deserves. However I do believe at the current moment his punishment would only serve to slow the work perhaps too much. We wouldn’t want to fall behind schedule. Perhaps this is best left for a later time.


The shugenja stops in his tracks.

“I…ahh. Wise words, Daigotsu-san. Take note of this one’s face, his punishment shall come once we are done here.”

He orders the eta back into marching order and allows them to continue their work, placing the knife back into his obi.


Suddenly, there seems to be some commotion down the line, people start yelling and running in all directions; an arrow ricochets off the wall near Gozu’s head. A panicked eta runs up to the both of you, “Masters! We are under attack. Ugh…” The man falls over on his face, dead, an arrow shaft protrudes from his neck.


Jin draws his knife once again, and calls to the eta as he rushes towards the source of the noise. “Some of you, come with me! You will offer your blood to the kansen in aiding me to solve this problem.”


(Roll me an intimidate check.)


“The rest of you protect those supplies!” Gozu yells, “You do not want to disappoint our daimyo by losing any of these crates to the enemy!” Gozu rushes to follow Jin to the source of the commotion as he draws his sacred Katana.


With two eta in tow, Jin and Gozu charge down the tunnel as the rest of the eta quite sensibly guard the supplies as Gozu instructed. An arrow flies past Gozu’s head as they close the distance. Surrounded by the bodies of dead Spider clan servants, three Sparrow Clan samurai ready themselves for the coming battle! (Role Initiative for your characters!)


(link broke i think? It was 16)


((Odd, it’s linking back to Jin’s Intimidate check instead.))


(That is weird, all the same, I’ll have the first round of combat up in a few hours.)


Jin: 17
Gozu: 16
Sparrow Samurai: 14

The Sparrow Samurai steel themselves against your charge. (Armor TN 27.)


Jin stabs one of the eta servants with his drawn knife, having coerced the man into giving his blood for the Spider’s cause. Dark energies gather around the wound, as the kansen supernaturally draw forth more blood than such a small prick has a right to yield. And then, in a blink, the blood and the energies disperse into nothingness.

A ripple suddenly course through the air towards the three Sparrow samurai, who are struck with a sensation like a thousand knives stabbing through their limbs and torsos. They are brought down to the ground, helpless from the severe pain.

((Pain effect: Prone and helpless, unable to perform actions for two rounds; GM does the duration mean ‘next two rounds’ or ‘two rounds starting with this one’? Also, they each have to make a TN 20 Willpower check to avoid screaming out in pain, since showing a weakness like that will cause an honor loss. And yes, this lovely spell has no save against it. I love Maho! <3))


Gozu charges the left-most samurai and swings his sword at the attacking sparrow. He connects with the unfortunate samurai!



The Sparrow samurai are caught in the wake of the kansen’s magic and all fall to the ground, screaming in pain. Gozu’s blade tears into the torso of the left-most samurai, killing him.

(Effect lasts the next two turns the Sparrow would act, so one more turn after this post. GM’s discretion doubled the damage of Gozu’s attack because his target was helpless and prone.)

The Sparrow writhe and shake in pain on the ground.


((GM: let me know if there’s anything illegal at all with the actions I take in this round and we can retcon it out.))

Jin approaches the closer of the two pained Sparrows and plunges his knife into the samurai’s heart.

“Almighty kansen, take my offering of this wretched rabble!”

As the spell is cast, the malevolent spirits draw even more blood than they were permitted to from the eta servant; in an instant, the shugenja’s victim stops twitching and collapses into a lifeless husk. Instead of a ripple through the air, the blood forms into arcs of red energy that surge into the last remaining Sparrow and fill him with even more supernatural pain.


Gozu turns towards the third Sparrow, eyes afire (FA Stance). He growls a warning about meddling in the affairs of the Spider and yells “You will pay for your insolence!” A viscous sword cut pierces the insolent Sparrow and blood gushes from the wound!


Gozu looks around at the corpses of the now dead Sparrow and back to Jin. “Now that was some magic Jin-san.” he said approvingly. “I have rarely seen such power from the kansen. What shall we do with these” he asks as he kicks the nearest corpse.


He wipes some sweat from his brow.

“My first impulse would have been to have you hold that last one down in order for me to arrange his resurrection as an undead servant to our cause, in order to interrogate the man on the Sparrow’s movements.”

He moves over to inspect the corpses, checking for any possible items of use.

“As it stands, our presence down here has Tainted these tunnels enough. These fools will either rot, or rise as servants of the Ninth Kami soon enough.”


Sakura arrives to the tunnels just missing the violent scenes of beautiful bloodshed. Looking around, she sees the servants, and the two samurai she was looking for. “You two are Daigotsu Gozu-san and Chuda Jin-san I presume? I am Suzume Sakura and Daigotsu-dono has asked me to help my kin stray from their foolish path, one way or another. I am told they are lurking in the tunnels, and you will help me in dealing with them. The Sparrow can be rash sometimes, but I hope that they will listen to me. Until first blood is drawn at least.” She looks around at the corpses, her face impassive. “It seems that you ave started without me. Please do not be overly ambitious when we face my kin next time. Any questions?”


Jin bows deeply at the new arrival.

“Has Daigotsu-dono any particular orders for dealing with your former kin, Suzume-sama? I shall eagerly coax these fools into serving our cause even in death.”


“Daigotsu-dono wants these fools to stop bothering his plans, and trusts my discretion as to the particulars of the matter. I wish to convert them to our cause while they are alive, if possible,” Sakura slightly emphasizes the live part, it seems this little soldier will need looking after, his zeal might get the better of him. “nonetheless I understand that there are few wise enough to understand our actions. Of course we will try to deal with the matter as effectively as possible, and if they perish, I will take your suggestion under advisement, Chuda-san.” She looks towards Gozu, bot not too obviously. “Any more questions before we start?”


“No no, that will be enough for me. If our revered Daimyo has commanded you to see to these Sparrow I shall defer to your judgement on these matters.” Gozu said quietly. “Where do we begin?”


A few moments later, a young woman appeared out the gloom, pausing as she saw the scene.

She just stared, figuring that if she was involved, they’d tell her. If not; she could wait for them to move.

Impassive, she chewed her dinner as she watched the show.


The shugenja makes no indication of whether or not he has seen the new arrival.

“I think I know where we might start our search, Daigotsu-san.”

He moves over to the corpses of the three samurai that he and Gozu recently butchered, searching them for any valuables as they speak.

“Suzume-sama, would you happen to know any of these men? They would be our first clue regarding your former allies’ efforts against the Dark Lord.”


Togusa emerges from the darkness of the tunnels behind Togusa and surveys the grim scene quickly. “It seems we’ve wandered into something interesting, my other half,” he says, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.



She shrugged blandly.

“I’ve seen enough dead bodies for them to cease being interesting.”

Returning to her lunch, it was clear she thought her dumplings were much more interesting than dead sparrow. At least… more immediately fascinating.


((GM, does our local shuggie manage to loot anything from the corpses?))

Jin continues to inspect the dead Sparrows, speaking as he does so.

“Suzume-sama, the Taint in the area from all the Spider’s gathered eta will be raising one or more of these gentlemen soon. Shall I question the kami about them?”


Suzume looks at the shugenja with the strange hats, and nods at his request. “Please do so Chuda-san, sadly we are lacking information right now, but it would be welcome to know more about our future victims. Like where they are exactly.”

She is fascinated in the unholy act the blasphemous priest is doing, curious about the actual workings of maho.


For her part, the sohei seems vaguely unhappy. As if something she was eating tasted bad.


After finishing up his looting and inspection, the shugenja stands up and dusts off his kimono while adjusting his hat.

“Alas, these men are too far gone; I will be unable to raise them with their memories intact. May the Ninth bless them with a fruitful existence of devouring blasphemers’ brains when the Taint comes to breathe new life into their soulless husks.”

He bows for a brief moment in prayer at that pronouncement.

“We shall have to consult the kami on this one.”


“Then consult the kami Chuda-san. It is imperative that we be efficient in this task.” She noticed the monk’s displeasure, but was unfazed by it. She was in charge, so if the monk didn’t like it, tough luck. “While Chuda-san is asking the kami for aid, let us look around and see if we find any tracks or clues on where they are going.” Ah, stating the obvious. It never gets old, always irritating and annoying.

(OOC: Investigation roll: 25)


Jin nods and draws a scroll from his satchel, reciting prayers to the kami this time instead of the kansen. As his spell’s casting nears its end, he focuses his gaze on one of the nearby pools of blood as he mentally seeks contact with the local water kami.


For her part, not having received any orders, Ren watched. This was becoming interesting; the man was saying funny things; the language of the Kami was…. weird.

Besides; she wasn’t done eating.

“This fine woman seems to have lost something, my fairer half. Shall we help her find it?”


Togusa wrinkled his nose as the Chuda handled the dead body and said his prayers, though he showed no other signs of displeasure.

“I think that’s an excellent idea, night to my day.” Togusa crouched close to the floor of the tunnel and inspected the ground, though he was not much of a tracker and did not expect to find anything.

((OOC: I’d love to make a roll, but IC seems to be down. >.<))


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