Daigotsu Gozu

A quiet samurai who's eyes burn with the fires of revenge.


Clan: Spider
Family: Daigotsu
School Rank: Daigotsu Bushi 1
Insight Rank: 1

Insight: 113
XP: 50/40+10 (disadvantages) 1 left over

Void Points: 2/2
Honor: 1.5
Status: 1.0
Glory: 1.0
Shadowlands Taint: 2.0

Combat Stats
Initiative: 4k3
Wounds: 15/4/4/4/4/4/4
Armor TN: 25
Reduction: 3

Unarmed: 5k3, 3k1 damage
Yumi: 4k3, Str 3
Black Steel Blade: 6k3, 8k2 damage

Traits: (24 XP spent)
Air: 2
Reflexes: 3 (12 XP)
Awareness: 2
Earth: 2
Stamina: 3 (Family Bonus)
Willpower: 2
Fire: 2
Agility: 3 (12 XP)
Awareness: 2
Water: 2
Strength: 3 (School Bonus)
Perception: 2
Void: 2

Skills: (8 XP spent)
Hunting (Per) 1; 3k2 [School Skill]
Intimidation (Awa) 1; 3k2 [School Skill]
Jiujitsu (Agi) 2; 5k3 [School Skill, 2 XP]
Kenjutsu (Agi) 3; Emphasis (Katana), 6k3 [School Skill, 5 XP]
Kyujutsu (Ref) 1; 4k3 [School Skill]
Lore: Shadowlands (Int) 1; 3k2 [School Skill]
Defense (Ref) 1; 4k3 [Any one skill]
Athletics (Str) 1; 4k3 [Purchased, 1 XP]

Advantages: (17 XP spent)
(7) Ancestor: Hida Atarasi
(4) Heart of Vengeance – Crab
(6) Sacred Weapon – Black Steel Blade

Disadvantages: (10 XP gained)
(8) Shadowlands Taint x4
(2) Driven: Avenge Father’s Death

School Techniques:
Way of the Spider: At the beginning of each round, you may choose to either reduce TN penalties from Wound Ranks by your Strength Trait Rank plus your Taint Rank (5) until the end of the Round, or increase your damage rolls by the same amount. Additionally, the TN of any roll made to detect the presence or effects of the Shadowlands Taint on you is increased by 10

Mastery Abilities:
Kenjutsu 3: The total of all damage rolls made with a sword is increased by 1k0

Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Traveling Pack, Black Steel Blade, Yumi

Traveling Pack Contents:
Bottle of Sake
Daisho Stand
Grapple Hook
Lucky Cricket
Rope (50’)
Sake Cup
Small Tent
Smoking Pipe
Week’s Rations

Advantages Detailed:

Ancestor (Hida Atarasi) – During each round of a skirmish, Gozu can either spend a Void Point or gain a point of Shadowlands Taint to add either his Taint Rank or Earth in unkept dice to attack and damage rolls for that round.

Heart of Vengeance (Crab) – Gozu gains +1k1 to any contested rolls against members of the Crab Clan.

Sacred Weapon (Black Steel Blade) – 4k2 katana, any exploding dmg dice require the target to make an Earth Ring roll of TN 15 or gain 1 pt of Shadowlands Taint.

Disadvantages Detailed:

Driven – Gozu is driven by the death of his Father at the hands of a Kuni Witch Hunter to avenge this death whatever the cost to himself or his honor.

Shadowlands Taint – In his quest for revenge Gozu has been willing to take upon himself any possible source of power he can find to increase his own in his quest to avenge his father. Drawing upon the Taint is one such means of gaining power.


1) Spider Clan

2) Daigotsu Family

3) He is a Bushi

4) Daigotsu Gozu has an appearance often unsettling to others. He has very pale skin, and a long scar down his right cheek. His eyes are deep and gazing into them for any length of time will reveal him to be consumed with revenge and grief.

5) Bozu’s father was slain by a powerful Kuni when he was young. This has given him a violent hatred of the Kuni and in turn the Crab clan in general. He has been consumed by revenge since this day and vowed to have his revenge at ANY cost against the Kuni who’s name he does not know, but who’s face he will never forget.

6) The only person Gozu feels any real trust for in this world is his Sensei at the Daigotsu Bushi school. This grew from a feeling of respect for his master’s great power and spent many extra hours training. His master promised to give him a great gift if he continued in his efforts. After a while of this, Gozu began to feel the Taint creeping into him, and suddenly knew the gift his master spoke of. He embraced its raw power and recognized it as another means to increase his strength.

7) Gozu’s greatest strength is his prowess on the battlefield. He fights with an almost unnatural fury, powered by his taint (unbeknownst to those from whom he chooses to hide it). His greatest weakness he knows to be his secret love for a Kitsune whom he met in his travels, but vowed to himself to suppress these feelings.

Gozu thinks that Bushido has its place among less inspired Samurai but vehemently adheres to the Code of Shourido and it’s obviously more powerful virtues (in his eyes).

9) He loves his clan and strives to uphold its values and beliefs every day. He believes in his clans purpose and defends any attack on its character.

10) He is not married. He has had no time or desire and believes it would only serve to make him weak to be attached to someone in this manner.

11) His only real prejudices are against the Crab Clan and their imparital witch hunters.

12) The person to whom Gozu would be most loyal is first and foremost the Spider’s revered father Daigotsu. Secondly, and the only other to whome he feels any true loyalty is that of his Sensei.

13) Gozu’s favorite things include weapons, training, and battle. His least favorite include social gatherings, large groups of people, and weak-souled individuals.

14) His hand is never more than a second away from drawing his weapon. His eyes also are rarely at rest always scanning for potential threats.

15) Gozu finds it very difficult to hide his emotions of anger and rage at the slaying of his father. He is able to keep them in check most times as he knows it can serve to cloud his judgement sometimes and prefers to save that for his inevitable confrontation with his father’s assassin. But he is not always so vigilant, especially when facing a Crab and especially a Kuni.

16) He would demand reparation for the behavior. It is completely unacceptable to him to disrespect one’s superior. Forgiveness for such a trespass is most assuredly a difficult thing for any person to obtain from Gozu.

17) His mother died when he was very young. His father was assassinate by a Kuni after he uncovered his taint. He is very devoted about avenging this death.

1 He aspires to become a leader amongst his clan and lead his brothers into battle.

19) Religion plays a small and mostly unimportant role in Gozu’s life. He prefers to devote his time to learning the teachings of his school and of the blade, and praying to his ancestor for guidance, Hida Atarasi.

20) He will die either avenging his father’s death or sans that, most assuredly defending the glory of the Spider Clan in battle.

Daigotsu Gozu

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