Suzume Sakura

Traitor Sparrow batting her eyelashes


Suzume Sakura

Daigotsu courtier

Insight: 115

Honor: 1.0 (Perceived: 3.0)
Glory: 1.0
Status: 2.0


Air 2
-Awareness 3

Earth 2

Fire 2

Water 2
-Perception 3

Void 2


-Courtier (manipulation) 3
-Etiquette 3
-Sincerity (Deceit)
-Temptation 3
-Perform: Storytelling


Different School (5)
Dangerous Beauty (3)
Perceived Honor x 2 (4)
Social Position (6)
Blackmail: Suzume Hayato (3)
Dark Paragon: Control


Dark Secret: Sparrow Traitor (4)
Obligation: Spider clan (3)
Greed (3)

Sensible clothing (black and white kimono, not too shabby, but not fashionable enough for her tastes)
Calligraphy set
Traveling pack:
-bottle of dye (purple)
-Fan (courtier’s fan, displaying the Sparrow mon on one side, a picture of a rice field on the other)
-coin purse
-make up kit
-perfume (scent of lilacs and roses)
-spare kimono and sandals (brown and white kimono, slightly more used)
-tea set
-personal chop (including the text that ‘aid and representative of Suzume Hayato’
-straw cloak
-wig (dirty dark brown colored)


Suzume Sakura is a beautiful, some say alluring, young samurai. She is the product of pre-planning done by the Spider clan, for she was trained as a courtier at an early age, her sensei, secretly a Spider, managed to convince the Sparrow that it would be so good for the clan to have a full fledged courtier in the ranks, though she was not the only one, all the others were trained by other clans, and therefore owed obligations to said clans. Not Sakura, he said, since he is but a lonely ronin diplomat. Yeah right. After her gempukku, Sakura spent most of her time at Kyuden Suzume. Which she hated. Like all of her clan. In her eyes the Sparrow are weak, moronic, gullible and poor. She sees herself as someone of sophistication, stature, someone who should be above the pathetic clan she was born in. She perceives the Spider clan infiltration as a good thing, since the resources and influence brought by the Spider allow her to better reach her ambitions.

Though she plays nice with most Sparrow, she is quite distant from all of them. Except one, a certain Suzume Hayato, a quite respected samurai of stature. While serving as his aid at one court, Sakura managed to woo Hayato using her beauty and feminime acting skills, pretending to be a young, innocent clueless girl. Unfortunately for Hayato he was to be betrothed at that court, and his indignation would have had bad results for his and his Crane wife’s reputation. Sakura approached him with teary eyes, saying that Honesty required here to confess to Hayato’s new wife, but the Sparrow ‘managed’ to convince her not to do it, and even promoted her as his personal representative in court, in honor of her… Honor. Sakura still has ‘relapses of Honesty’ if she requires something, and Hayato always indulges him, still oblivious to her conniving and devious nature.

20 questions:

1. She is a member of the measly Sparrow clan!

2.What family
Suzume, similarly pathetic.

3. Courtier. One of the few trained courtiers the measly Sparrow clan possesses, I hold considerable sway among the clan. Still, my talents are wasted here, since the so-called warriors of my clan are more often invited to other courts because of their deeds.

4. Alluring. Sakura possess more prominent features from her clan’s Crane ancestry, though her detractors often say it is a secret Scorpion fore bearer that she should be thankful for. Nonetheless she is a traditional beauty with hints of something more… sensual. She possess midnight dark hair and bright green hair, though on occasion she is fond of dying parts of her hair in different colors.

5. Power. She loathes her clan and the pitiful status they hold in Rokugan, and she hopes that through the Spider she might be able to rise to a more prominent position.

6. Herself. She learned well from her sensei, especially the fact that no one can be trusted in courts. She is not close to anybody, though quite a few people might think that she has approached them in a vulnerable state, but that is merely a facade to entrap them. She is a loner, who is serving herself rather than the clan.

7. She is skilled at courts especially in such manners as lyin and seducing people, the traditional strengths of a Daigotsu courtier. Her weakness is her lack of compassion and trust, she always mistrusts people, not giving them any quarter, and trying to manipulate them somehow, which can easily backfire.

8.She thinks Bushido is a great tool for manipulation. She herself does not follow it, believing in Shourido much moreso, and while pretending to follow bushido, she does not really understand it, compassion and honor are the tenets that confound her the most.

9.Sakura despises her own clan, finds them weak and pathetic, hiding behind their “honor” and “duty”, she thinks the Sparrow use that as a scapegoat for their lack of success and resources.

10. No. She believes that marriage is a valuable tool, but she is too young and not important enough (yet) to warrant an influential marriage. She also knows that if she were to marry into another clan that would tear her from her meager power base so far, which is located at Kyuden Suzume for now.

11. Oh yes. As mentioned a few times, she looks down upon the Sparrow, those who lack power and those who follow Bushido. She believes these people are cowards because they are afraid to take matters in their own hands and achieve success that way, rather they follow their Duty, which she views as an easy way to success. She despises lack of ambition. As a follower of Shourido, she respects those who follow it, though she prizes certain tenets above others, Control the most: control over your opponent, over your subordinates, over your superior even, and of course, over yourself.

12. Herself. As mentioned before, she follows the ambitious and individualistic tenets of Shourido, and while she pays more than lip service to the Spider and her sensei and superiors there, she also understands that they are quite willing to sacrifice her. She fakes loyalty to her current clan, the Sparrow, especially towards Suzume Hayato, her “superior.”

13. Power, control, and wealth. These ephemeral and one materialistic items represent control over one’s destiny, something she prizes very much. She hates being forced to follow others’ orders and commands, and while she knows that she will never be fully free from responsibility and duty, she also knows that higher up the social ladder she will have many more options. She hates being forced to do something, discounting direct orders in most cases, and cowards who let others decide their lives and actions for them.

14. She plays with her hair while playing innocent to deceive someone, otherwise she keeps her hands crossed in her sleeves most of the times. She also chews her lips when acting in an innocent manner, like above. She rarely raises her voice, but when angry and showing it, her voice gains an edge. She also uses every opportunity to flaunt her beauty, such as when sitting in seiza she tries to accentuate her curves as possible for those watching.

15. As a trained courtier, she is not only competent at hiding her emotions, but use them as a ‘weapon’ so to say. As mentioned, she likes to act like an idealistic, innocent young thing, and for this act, she often uses emotions such as admiration, sorrow and ‘love’ as her tools. She rarely displays real emotions, and those are usually negative, such as anger.

16. Depends on the subordinate and the actual mistake, but in all ways negatively. She might send him on a suicide mission, or dishonor him in some spectacular ways. She would use violence and executions as a last resort, unless she is exasperated.

17. Sakura’s parents would probably say something like ‘She is such a nice girl, so hard working. I hear she is quite respected and liked by her patron, Suzume Hayato-sama. We are so lucky that that wandering ronin courtier took up her training, she is quite an asset for our clan.’ Of course none of that is true, like towards all her clan mates, Sakura acts, never showing her true tiger stripes.

18. To reach a position of power, maybe even as a daimyo or clan champion. She wants to be high on the social ladder, and will use any means possible for that, to achieve freedom. She will use and discard anybody along her way, but she will retain anyone until they are useful.

19. Not terribly religious, though she respects and fears the kansen. Though she possesses no taint (yet), she would use maho as a tool in a heartbeat.

20. Probably she will be assasinated by a subordinate who learned from her example and sees her as an obstacle in achieving similar goals to hers.

Suzume Sakura

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