A willful sohei with a dislike for the great clans and a desire to see the Spider rule over all.


Name: Togusa
Clan: Spider
School: Order of the Spider Monk
Family: Order of the Spider
Rank: 1
XP: 0
Insight: 138

Honor: 1.5
Glory: 1.0
Status: 1.0
Taint: 0.0

Earth 2

Air 3
-Reflexes 4

Fire 3

Water 2

Void 2

*Athletics 1
*Defense 1
*Jiujutsu 2
*Lore: Theology 1
*Meditation 1
*Polearms 1
Games: Kemari 1

Initiative: 4k3
Bisento – 5k3 attack (7k4 in FA stance), 5k3 damage
Unarmed – 6k3 attack (8k4 in FA stance), 2k1 damage

ATN: 35 (+2 vs. melee)
-Reduction 5
-Armor: +10 ATN. 5 Reduction, +5 to Agi and Ref TNs
-FA Stance: 25
-Def. Stance: 39
-FD Stance: 35 + 5k4/2
Rate of Wound Heal: 5
Wounds: 10 +0/14 +0/18 +2/22 +7/26 +12/30 +17/34 +37/38 Out

Crafty 2
Dark Paragon: Will 4
Strength of the Earth 3

Ascetic 3
Disturbing Countenance 4
Overconfident 3

Kiho: None
-Rank 1: The Dark Path (+1k0 attack unarmed or with polearms, +2 ATN vs. melee)

Outfit: Heavy armor, bisento, sturdy clothing, traveling pack (just the basics), 3 koku


What clan does Togusa belong to?
Togusa is a proud member of the Spider Clan.

How would others describe Togusa’s appearance?
Most of the time Togusa wears what has become the standard look for a sohei of the Spider clan, white robes that cover most of the body and armor bearing the mon of the Spider or no mon at all. Togusa’s eyes have a somewhat haunted look that can be off-putting to most people. He has angular features, a bald head, and a nasty scar on his left cheek; traits that are generally hidden behind the white cowl and scarf he wears.

Is Togusa a bushi, monk, shugenja or courtier?
Togusa is a monk, but with a much more martial bent than your average monk (although this is normal for a Spider Clan sohei).

What family does your character belong to?
Togusa was born a poor peasant in the Unicorn lands with no family name to speak of. The Order of the Spider are his family now.

What is Togusa’s main motivation?
Having grown up with a peasant’s view of the Empire, Togusa thoroughly hates the samurai class and the oppression they constantly visit upon the common people of Rokugan. He has fully embraced the Spider philosophy of individuality and their rule-through-strength ideology. The idea that someone should have authority over him because of an accident of birth is thoroughly repulsive to him. He dreams of a day when all of Rokugan embraces the way of the Spider and the current nobility is destroyed for good.

Who is the person Togusa trusts the most?
Togusa trusts himself and his abilities over all else. He understands that through determination and his own strength of will, anything is possible.

What is Togusa’s greatest strength? His greatest weakness?
Togusa’s will is by far his strongest traits. He has a determination that has never failed him. He may not have been the fastest or the strongest of the monks who trained at his monastery, but he possessed a strength of will that allowed him to shrug off blows that would have seriously injured anyone else. Togusa’s determination also makes him somewhat reckless and unheeding of the advice of others, and this could get him into serious trouble if he isn’t careful.

What does Togusa think of Bushido?
Togusa actually doesn’t know much about Bushido, save that it is the honor code that the samurai caste live by. This fact alone is enough to give him and extremely low opinion of the philosophy. Shourido is the only true path, as far as he is concerned.

What is Togusa’s opinion of his own clan?
To Togusa, the Spider represent everything the world should be. Accomplishing goals through any means necessary, strength recognized over bloodlines, refusal to live by arbitrary codes of conduct that make little sense when compared nest to true human nature. They represent the one hope for a Rokugan that recognizes the human spirit for what it is, not what Bushido dictates it should be.

Is Togusa married?
No. To Togusa, marriage is simply another social convention that makes little sense and should be shunned.

Does Togusa have any prejudices?
Togusa has no respect whatsoever for the samurai caste, and actively despises anyone whom he percieves has underserved power. He will, however, grudgingly respect anyone in a position of authority that appears to deserve it.

To whom does Togusa owe the most loyalty?
Aside from himself. Togusa is loyal to the leader of the Order of the Spider, Michio, and by extension Daigotsu himself. He will follow anyone in the Spider Clan with more authority than he, but if told to do something by anyone else, he will invariably argue, even if the request is perfectly reasonable.

What are Togusa’s favorite and least favorite things?
Togusa is good with his weapons, and he knows it; he loves to show off his prowess, and will gladly do so when asked. He was also quite the little kemari player as a child, and he still enjoys a game when he gets the chance to play. There is nothing he hates more, however, then someone who does’t get to the point in a conversation. If Togusa asks you a question, he expects a straight answer, and he will persist until he gets one, or he gets so angry that he simply hits you.

Does Togusa have any recurring mannerisms?
Togusa tends to stand with arms folded when he’s idle, making him appear impatient to some (which isn’t far from the truth). If he is unarmed he can appear uncomfortable, and will open and clench his fists unconsciously, as if out of his element. He has a tendency to scratch at his scar when it’s exposed.

What about Togusa’s emotions?
Togusa is an angry person most of the time, and he has no problem showing it to the world. He rarely smiles, usually only doing so during or after a fight, or with people he’s grown comfortable with. He tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve; something that can be extremely off-putting to anyone who isn’t used to it.

How would Togusa handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
There is very little behavior that Togusa finds improper, thanks to his upbringing and training. Thanks to his adherence to a strict rule-through-strength philosophy, however, he would likely get violent in the event of someone’s insubordination. He has little authority over anyone, however, and so has never been placed in this position.

How would Togusa’s parents describe him?
When he was a child, Togusa’s parents would have described him as a normal kid, dutifully doing as his parents asked and occasionally getting into trouble, as children sometimes do. There was always an underlying frustration and anger, however, that they thought nothing of and figured he would grow out of. Unfortunately they did not have the chance to properly educate him; they were killed during a bandit raid that was subsequently stopped by a group of Spider sohei. One of the monks realized Togusa’s potential when he was found standing over the dead body of one of the bandits, his body covered in the other man’s blood, and took him to the monastery for training. Rather than suppressed, his natural frustration and anger was amplified, until he grew into a person his subservient and dutiful parents likely wouldn’t even recognize as their son.

What is Togusa’s highest ambition?
Nothing less than the end of the samurai caste’s rule over Rokugan, and the ascendance of the Spider clan as the Empire’s true masters.

How religious is Togusa? Togusa has never had much use for the fortunes. The evidence of their existence is everywhere and he does not deny them, he simply does not believe they have any interest in the well-being of humanity as a whole. He has yet to graduate to actively fighting against their influence, but given a choice, he will always trust his own strength over the will of a far away, invisible god.

If you could, what advice would you give Togusa? I would tell him that his heart is in the right place, and that Rokugan deserves to be free, but that strength and determination are not the only important traits in a leader. Throwing off the yoke of the samurai is all well and good, but there are better ways to go about it.


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